The Marketing Collection covers over a decade of mid and high ticket training, some of it never released to the public. You will find advanced tactics and strategies on almost every aspect of marketing, from copy, to list building, to email marketing, pricing, funnels, content curation, product curation, buyer psychology, ascension funnels,how to close in meetings, on the phone and much more.

For too many marketers, it is easy to get stuck on one of the many key areas that you need to know. Copywriting, content creation, pricing, product creation, video, local and many more. Steve Benn found myself in just such a situation 12 years ago. Back in 2006, 2007 he had just begun selling my own software, for the film industry. Like anyone just starting out, he had a lot to learn. In the decade that followed, he put together training for him and the team to follow in almost every areas of marketing. They tested, tested and tested again.

What they ended up with is a decades worth of award winning training programs, some of them the most popular of their type. He has used these timeless marketing strategies to break the Million Dollar mark product sales, and the 300,000 mark in affiliate sales. He couldn’t have done it without the research and testing that he has spent the past decade doing. Many of the training programs you are about to see have won product of the day, WSO of the Day and many other awards. They’ve been bought by some if the top marketers in their space.

Marketing Collection Review

At the end of June, he curated the mysterious hard drive – removing any old or outdated tactics and loopholes. Was he was left with was pure marketing gold. The type of training that would sell for thousands. In fact, to have bought it all would have cost almost $2500. Back in the day, he couldn’t send out a hard drive of this legendary collection easily. So he didn’t. Today however, USB sticks can easily store the entire collection. With that, he made up my mind to get his Marketing Collection out to those who needed it most. He had 25 copies made and his list bought them up in less than 48 hours. Not everyone can afford this type of high ticket training package, so he decided to do something radical. Something that quite a few marketers told him not.

He decided to take the best of the best of Platinum Marketing Collection and condense it onto one stick. Including the best training in each area of marketing. A combination of modern video compression technology and curation has allowed me to bring his Marketing Collection to you for about the cost of a Blu-Ray Movie.

Marketing Collection is the knowledge gained in the past decade – the insider tricks, the unknown strategies, the split tests that got me to where he is. That is what he is sharing with you. You simply open the USB, choose the training progam that best matches your current marketing travel and you make progress. FAST. Special is order during the earlybird period and you also get to lock in resale rights and ‘done for you sales’ pages for the following of my training courses. You will get access to the contents on your USB Stick – and the resellers license and ‘Done For Your’ Sales letters will be made available 21 days after purchase in your members area. Get Marketing Collection Now.

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