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VoiceBuddy Review

Voicebuddy is The Last All In One Text To Speech Option You’ll Ever Need. VoiceBuddy encomposses the best of both worlds when it comes to text to speech technology. Simply stated, they’ve combined Google Wave Net and Amazon Polly into one software platform and added a ton of features as well.

HAVE YOU HEARD? Speech To Text Is Now More Natural Sounding Than Ever! That’s right. With the advances in speech to text technology you can now create great sounding media in mere minutes. This Means That You Won’t Have To: Search endlessly on freelance sites for voice over talent. Waste hundreds of hours recording your own voice scripts. Spend thousands of dollars per year on voice overs only to end up disappointed with the quality. Spend hundreds of dollars on expensive studio equipment to record your voice. FINALLY! Boring Robotic Voices Are A Thing of The Past!

There’s nothing more frustrating than watching a video or listening to an audio and hearing a voice that sounds like monotone garbled metal. Ugh! It’s not only terrible quality, but it’s also downright distracting. If you’re using this type of audio in your projects, you need to stop immediately. Because with the technology they’re giving you access to today, there’s not only a better way of producing text to speech audio, but the quality is leaps and bounds above the competition!

Voicebuddy Review

They’ve Just Harnessed The Power of Google Wave Net and Amazon Polly Into One Amazing Soft Platform With A Ton of Features! When you’re trying to seamlessly create natural sounding text to speech, you need to be able to add pitch, natural pauses, strength of voice, and more. So they set out to find a solution that would not only offer all of these things (and then some), but also that combined the top two text to speech technologies into one. Introducing VoiceBuddy.

It Creates Realistic Sounding Voices In Only 3 EASY STEPS. You can pump out natural sounding audio asap with VoiceBuddy. All you need to do is:

  • Step 1: Select your language and voice
  • Step 2: Paste your text into Voice Buddy
  • Step 3: Click to generate your audio.

With VoiceBuddy you could create up to 20X more videos than the competition. No joke. Just think about it. You could have videos churning out every single day that earns you money from affiliate sales, ad revenue, and more! And you could do it across multiple markets as well!

However, you’ll need to act fast because the price of VoiceBuddy is going up every single day. So if you finally want to break into the YouTube scene and create tons of content you can monetize, go ahead and use the link above. You won’t believe how incredible the voices are in VoiceBuddy!

See More AT: https://dope-review.com/voicebuddy-review/

Mirage Review

Mirage is a brand new software that lets ANYONE, yes even complete newbies with no graphics experience, create stunning, professional quality graphics in just seconds.

Do your website graphics suck? Are you sick of paying so-called professionals to design something, then not even really liking the result? Me too.  That’s why this software is about to take the internet marketing world by storm! Gone are the days when you spend hours scouring the internet for royalty free graphics, then hours again trying to make them fit to various sizes for Facebook headers, ad blocks or even letterheads. It’s all here, along with tens of free templates for every marketing situation, all ready to change with a few clicks and upload with a single click to your preferred platform. Introducing Mirage.

Have High-Converting Graphics And Designs Like The Gurus Do In Just 3 Easy Steps!

  • Step 1: Login to our cloud platform and open up the graphics editor; This one is so GOOD, it earned the name “Photoshop in the Cloud”. It allows you to seamlessly change EVERYTHING, while still being incredibly newbie friendly – it takes 30 seconds to learn how to use it!
  • Step 2: Add any sort of monetization using our hover tech; You can literally insert buy buttons, call to actions and even opt-in forms on TOP of your graphics so every time a visitor hovers with their mouse above, you convert them into sales!
  • Step 3: Publish the graphics & monetization combo on your site, sit back and collect commissions. That’s it…you can then enjoy amazing graphics and even make money from them all with next to zero work. They even host them for you!

Mirage Review

Simple, quick, easy, professional… and cheap… Gosh, that’s a combination they’d like to see more of! My friend Radu & his partners Mike and Calin have discovered the perfect platform for graphics creation. It can be accessed anywhere, any time, and you can design any website graphic your heart desires. Facebook and Adwords can’t deny your landing pages when you use Mirage to create optin forms that magically appear inside of an image. Along with hundreds of professionally designed, eye-catching, world class headers, ads, buttons… in fact, any design you need for your website or social sites.

I would say that images on your site that transform into email optin forms are BETTER than annoying popup boxes. And how much do you think you’d pay for such a powerful yet simple program? $500? $200? $50? Nope, nowhere near that amount! The ultimate graphics production software will cost you less than $17! But only for 4 hours.  After that the price goes up, so don’t hesitate, be early to score the best graphics program you’ll ever see. Price is going up FAST – so take action now!

See More AT: https://dope-review.com/mirage-review/

StorieBot Review

StorieBot is the 1st Ever A.I. Software Builds you massive Instagram lists for free and auto sells to them even if you have no followers & no clue.

It’s no secret that the generating leads and sales is getting harder and harder every day. The competition on Facebook and Google Ads is at all time high. The ads cost are at all time high.  The conversions are at the all time low. Most methods have become outdated. However Instagram at the rise, Instagram stories are rising at a rapid pace. “Accroding To Forbes, Over 400 Million People Watch Instagram Stories Everyday!”

Most softwares just allow you design Instagram stories.. that’s all. And just designing and posting these stories won’t take you anywhere unless you’re generating leads and closing sales. Imagine Your Brand, Offers, Pages And Links In Front of millions of fresh visitors. Without Ever Creating A Story, Or Paying A Single Dime! Just imagine yourself being in the front of your customers, millions of them everyday and your offers, landing pages, blogs or whatever it is that you want to promote just being promoted for you 24/7/365 with the chatbot.

StorieBot Review

Imagine the influx of visitors you’ll get, the instant sales & leads. It’s crazy. And it can happen to you, It’s not only reserved to the guru’s. Most people today focus on loopholes and the newest abra ka dabra method. This is your chance to cash in on something real, automated and absolutely new technology. Introducing a single software that would allow you to AUTOMATE your Instagram Stories while generating leads and closing sales for you: StorieBot.

With StorieBot, They Got The WHOLE Process Down To 5 SIMPLE STEPS:

  • Step #1 – Integrate: Integrate With Your IG Account, That’s It!
  • Step #2 – Create: Create Stunning Stories With Ease Even If You’ve Never Created One Before.
  • Step #3 – Publish: Publish The Stories Automatically Or Schedule Multiple Stories!
  • Step #4 – Collect: Collect Leads In 1 Click With 100% Optin Rate As Every Viewer Automatically Gets Added To Your Lead List
  • Step #5 – Profit: Chatbot Activates, Engaging, Selling & Nurturing Your Leads For 24/7/365 Traffic And Sales.

StorieBot Allows You To BUY Back Your Time! Whatever You’re Making In Your Job, Business Or Services Currently, Is REPLENESHIBLE. But Your Time ISN’T. This SAVES Time On Creating Stories, Asking Viewers To Join Your List. Confirming. Blah – So Much Work, So Little Leverage, Sucks! This SAVES Time And Allows For Brand New Features. StorieBot is an innovative, all in one solution that CRACKS instagram wide open and allows. You to get amazing results even if you have no experience. It just went live for a SUPER low price, DO NOT miss out on it, snag StorieBot NOW.

See More AT: https://dope-review.com/storiebot-review/


eCommerce Email Academy is The Ultimate Email Marketing Playbook for eCommerce Marketers. 57 video lessons, 10 course modules, PLUS a full stack bonus module including expert interviews, case studies, checklists and more.

As an eCommerce marketer, you’re probably tired of the rising costs of advertising and your weekly email newsletters  just aren’t getting you the ROI they once did. You’re searching for ways to quickly scale your revenue, without adding a ton of budget for advertising and praying for ROI with the rising costs of advertising.

Today, I want to tell you the ONE source of sales that is right in front of you, but you just aren’t using it. No ad budget needed. No approvals. No costs. It’s all there but the key is you have to do it RIGHT – the reward?  If done right, it can quickly drive  at least 30 to 40% of your monthly revenue. In fact, 80% of eCommerce businesses ignore this one strategy only because they are too busy fighting day and night over the same channels of advertising as all their competition… sound familiar? Introducing eCommerce Email Academy.

eCommerce Email Academy Review

Here’s inside of eCommerce Email Academy:

  • Module 1 – Welcome to eComm Email Academy!
  • Module 2 – Understanding The Difference Between Email Marketing & Marketing Automation
  • Module 3 – Introduction to Email Marketing
  • Module 4 – Content & Copy
  • Module 5 – Deliverability Best Practices
  • Module 6 – Data Driven Marketing (Segmentation)
  • Module 7 – Newsletters, Drips, Coupons & More!
  • Module 8 – Overview of Event Based Marketing
  • Module 9 – Email Marketing Funnels
  • Module 10 – Wrapping It Up.

With eCommerce Email Academy, I’ll be introducing you to my own proven framework I’ve always relied on to help drive revenue and increase customer lifetime values. So if you’re ready to maximize your email marketing ROI, automate your eCommerce business, learn more on deliverability, content, data, turning your leads to repeat buyers. Then grab access to eCom Email Academy for yourself and your team today!

See More AT: https://dope-review.com/ecommerce-email-academy-review/


WP AutoRewriter is a NEW Plugin That Automatically Rewrite Your Posts for better Google ranking. It Create Unique Content That Pulls In FREE Profitable Search Engine Traffic Day After Day.

As a site owner, you know that you need to provide value to your users to not only build a tribe but also to get that Google search engine love. You should know that the quality unique content is required aspect to increase your google ranking, also you know that writing this quality content take long time to write or it costs you a great amount of money if you hire someone to do it for you

These Content-Heavy Sites Figured It Out Sites like Wired, Medium, Buzzfeed, Mashable, Cracked are banking millions. They are able to crank out new content so fast because they don’t have to create it from scratch every time! Now you can borrow their secrets too. Introducing a solution called WP AutoRewriter.

WP AutoRewriter Review

Get Started In 3 Easy Steps. It’s Your Fast Lane To 100% Automated CONTENT Sites:

STEP #1: Choose Which Content To Rewrite: Simply select which posts to automatically rewrite in bulk, include/exclude entire categories or, if you like a more fine-grained control, edit any individual post. A detailed behind-the-shoulder tutorial is included.

STEP #2: Select Thesaurus & How To Spin Text: Make your own tweaks to the way content gets rewritten. Enter any desired words to skip. Customize synonyms and choose which one of the 9 built-in languages to use.

STEP #3: Monetize Your Site With Affiliate Links & Ads: Insert affiliate links to relevant products from any affiliate program of your choice. OR profit with Adsense by inserting your banner code.

The WP AutoRewriter also comes with different functions like, Plagiarism which allows you to search the internet for phrases you may have inadvertently duplicated in your posts and pages. Google, since the Panda update, has been giving such duplicate content a very low ranking. Plagiarism also allows you to search for copies of your own posts and pages, identifying posts that may have been copied and posted elsewhere on the internet. The results list will show the phrase used for the search and their status. Clicking the phrase will open a window to the search so you can see the sites that were searched.

Now you can get rankings without any SEO/Backlink. Just install this plugin on every WordPress site you have. Less effort and more results is what I love and this plugin does exactly that. GET WP AutoRewriter and start ranking your blog.

See More AT: https://dope-review.com/wp-autorewriter-review/

PLR2WP Review

PLR2WP is a Windows software that can convert any Mini Funnel, into a WordPress Plugin, so you can easily Get it UP and Running in No Time without having to Deal with HTML Code or FTP Software.

Each converted Mini Funnel Will consist of 2 pages: A Front-End Page (Can be a Sales Page or a Lead Magnet Page).  And A Download Page.  If your funnel has more pages this is not a problem but keep in mind that the software will only convert and use these pages (which are enough to go Uwe!).

With PLR2WP, Convert a mini funnel to WP in 5 minutes or less:

  • Step 1: Load a PLR Funnel: Load a Folder Containing a Mini Site.
  • Step 2: Add 2 Marks.  Make a snipe Change to the Front-End Page and Download Page.
  • Step 3: Your WP Plugin is Ready. Convert Your mini site to WordPress

PLR2WP Review

Everything without having to edit HTML code or without having to re-upload your reseller website every time you want to change a Payment button or something! Yes, Your Mini Site is Converted into a WP Plugin, Which you can upload to Your WordPress Sites and Run in Minutes! Just 2 tags, A couple of Clicks and That’s all.

The tags are areas that will be used by the WordPress Plugin to enter some data (for example, a Payment Button). After Installing the Plugin (you can create and install many of them for all of your mini funnels!), activate it… And you’ll be able to see a menu for it in the Admin Sidebar. Click “Add New” and you’ll be able to easily create a Mini Funnel (with a Front-End page and a Download Page) in No Time.

This is a Huge time saving tool that 10,000’s of marketers need and the best part: you’re also getting resale rights to it! Get Ready to Sell it Right Away. PLR2WP comes with everything you need to start making money with it in no time. Yes, from A-Z (reseller page, user manual, editable graphics etc) it’s all done for you. Awesome? It is! Make sure your claim your copy right now while it’s hot! Get PLR2W Now.

See More AT: https://dope-review.com/plr2wp-review/

Spyly Review

Spyly is to be able to ethically and legally spy – looking over your visitors shoulder to see how they interact and engage with your content, sales pages, lead capture pages, etc.

If you were given a proven method. Yes, PROVEN way to quickly increase your sales conversions, build your opt-in list faster, and drive more targeted visitors to “call to action”, would you take it? Jordan Lake and james have decided to reveal an incredibly powerful tool for doing just that. To be quite honest, I’ve never seen anything like this. You can, in a sense, be a fly on the wall behind your visitor! This new software allows you to record every mouse movement, click, and action that your visitors perform on YOUR websites.

It’s one of the most brilliant programs I’ve ever seen. It’s one of those things that “I wish I had thought of first!”. Anyway, anyone can implement it no matter what type of website or niche market they’ve got. They have spent a good majority of their time online researching and developing new ways to test, track, and increase sales on their sites. And it’s proven to be one of the most influential reasons for their success online. The higher the conversions, the more leads, signups, and sales they get. It’s that simple. You can’t get any more in-depth tracking than this software, I can guarantee you that. It’s like watching over your visitors’ shoulder while they’re on your site. Introducing Spyly.

Spyly Review

Ok, So how can you use Spyly to Record Your Customers Movement:

  • Step 1: Generate a tracking script for your website: Just Enter your project Name and Project description, after that click on create button, Spyly will generate an unique tracking script for your website.
  • Step 2: copy and paste this script in your website header: Open the header.php file of your website and paste this scripts between the head tag
  • Step 3: Start recording your visitors: Just click on user session and select the record which you want to analyse.

Now, you have only to analyse these records and decide what points to change on your website. The best part of all, is that for a short time you can grab the new release of Spyly at a one-time, discounted price. Seriously you need to watch the demo to see how powerful this software is and how much you can actually learn by seeing how REAL visitors engage with your site. Get Spyly Right Now.

See More AT: https://dope-review.com/spyly-review/